How It Works

From start to finish we will guide you through the process

Enjoy our client specific process for onboarding you and your home. From initial consultation to ongoing account management, we got you covered.


Member Onboarding

Pre-Appointment Checklist

Click “Get Started” to scheduled your initial consultation. Then, we will send you a quick checklist to understand your unique home needs.

Initial Consultation

We offer in-person and virtual consultations to ensure you can get started quickly. During this meeting we will gather details and explain more about our membership.

Member Agreement and Planning

After a successful consultation, our team will send you a formal agreement to make everything final. Then, we’ll craft a custom plan based on the information we have gathered.


Schedule Home Concierge Visits


Our team will routinely check-in on you to keep you up to date on your home plan, and to see if there are any home care needs we can assist with.


Part of our tailored home plans, include scheduled home visits by our professional staff. All assessments are customized to your home and your specific desires.

Home Monitoring

In addition to our routine home visits our team can assist with smart home options.


On-Demand Concierge

Request Services 24/7

Members are able to request on-demand services via website, phone, or email. We can help assist with everything from immediate service emergencies, ongoing maintenance, to setting up consultations with vendors, schedule the job timeline, and oversee all maintenance and renovations.  Our model is designed to save you time, money and energy.

Vendor Logistics and Supervision

We can help select a vendor, schedule the job, and oversee any maintenance or renovation in person. So you can save time, money, and energy.

Improvements and Large Projects

It doesn’t matter how big or small the job is, our trusted vendor network can deliver quality results every time. Our team is qualified to consult and guide you through home renovations and long-term projects.


Ongoing Account Management

Personal Representative

All members have dedicated representatives to ensure there is routine communication and account supervision. Rest easy knowing your home needs are covered by someone who knows your home.

Unified Reports and Records

All the inspection reports, job history, and similar documentation will be collected and stored in one place. Providing you easy access to all your home’s service information.

Simplified Billing

Instead of dealing with multiple vendors, our team will streamline your billing, providing you one easy point of access for all your invoices.

Member Benefits

Fully customizable real estate and home concierge services

Maximize Sale Value

Homes that are consistently well maintained and updated sell for at least 10-15% more.

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Trusted Vendor Network

Our team has invested time and research assembling a comprehensive network of the best vendors ensuring you receive excellent quality and a preferred response in time.

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Holland Group Price Control™

We work with our contracted vendors to establish controlled pricing, ensuring you consistently receive competitive pricing.

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Emergency Response

Our team is dedicated to solving your real-time home emergencies. Members enjoy 24/7 access for prompt service.

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Preparing and Selling

Our proven system guides you through the preparation of your home to receive maximum value. Our Real estate team can also handle the marketing and sale of your home.

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Buying and Moving

Our Real Estate services can help you identify the perfect home in the best communities. Then, help you move in and assess what new projects are needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for more information about our team, we’d love to help.

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