Home services tailored for your community

Discover the perfect blend of professional property expertise tailored to meet the distinct requirements of your community. Our team collaborates closely with community leaders to provide superior, cost efficient solutions that enhance both the resident experience and property value.

Community-Centric Solutions

We recognize that the community you reside in significantly influences your overall home experience. Through collaboration with your community, we offer tailored solutions for your property, ensuring a seamless partnership with community leaders, boards, and Homeowners Associations. This allows us to create solutions that offer potential  for reductions in both community and home owner costs.

Jonathan's Landing

In addition to our exclusive real estate partnership, The Holland Group is proud to be the recommended provider of home concierge services.  

The Loxahatchee Club

We are honored to continue our legacy of serving the real estate needs of The Loxahatchee Club and it’s residents. Responding to our clients request, we have launched Holland Group Home Concierge.

The Palm Beaches

Do you reside in South Florida? Are you interested in learning more about our services?

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Community boards, village leaders, and individual home owners can reach out to learn more about getting started.

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Community Benefits

Our custom community solutions ensure a hassle-free and cost-effective approach to home care

We are committed to be an integrated home service provider in your community. To this aim, we provide tailored benefits to communities and home concierge members. Always striving to serve and reward the communities we work in.

  • Price control on vendor services
  • Frequent discounts on home care
  • Community give back initiatives